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    I bought a carver set of trucks some days ago.
    I mounted them in the gravity’ Larry bertlemann deck, which is a 33 inches deck, with a wheel base Under 20 inches.
    I saw the guy with the da monsta skate pumping it more efficently Than me.
    Should i try to redrill the wheel base to a minor distance? Use risers with more Angle? Or should i just learn more in technique?
    Down into a hill it Works well, but on the plain and while going up the hill it’s kinda slow, and difficult to pump. I have 70mm wheels, with a 78a durometer


    Jefe de claves

    Hi Umberto

    It sounds to me that the problem is that your truck set up is to tought. I mean, check this tutorial and you will see that you need to release some tension on the set up… I suppouse your problem is there.

    Big hug!

Viendo 2 publicaciones - del 1 al 2 (de un total de 2)

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